A better playground for
prompt designers
Manage and build your prompts with Knit.
Finally, all of your prompts in one place.
No need to store your prompts in notes.
No more copy-pasting.
Store, edit and run your prompts in Knit.
🔬 Playground Pro NEW
Knit supports the best playground for you to play with your prompts, you can now see the actual function calls and setup the mocked values of functions with the new features!
🗂️ Projects
You can create different projects to organize the prompts. Each project has its own access control and settings.
👥 Members
Add members to your project to collaborate on the prompts. You can also set different access levels for each member.
🗄️ History
Version control for every prompt, the history contains all versions made by members. You can always revert to a previous version.
What's more
Security of your API tokens is considered since Day 1.
All sensitive data is encrypted using RSA-OAEP and AES-256-GCM in both transmission and storage.
Multi-models COMING SOON
Knit supports different kinds of models, including OpenAI, Claude, Azure OpenAI. Plan to support Midjourney and more!
You can insert as many variables in your prompts, Knit handles the rest.
Knit is still in early beta, you can give us any feedback here. We prioritize features based on the community feedbacks.
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Free projects are available to all users.
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We do not sell or share any of your data on Knit.
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